Welcome to the Official Site of the Fine Art and Illustration of Dr. Brandon Finnorn!

Hi! I am Dr. Brandon Finnorn, the artist and illustrator of TheBonnieFly.com. Over the past two years, I have been working full-time as an outdoor illustrator and fine artist, inspired by my upbringing along the Gulf Coast of Mobile, Alabama. Finding myself on this rewarding career path was not without it's difficulties. 
In early 2016, after graduating medical school and starting pediatric residency in Pittsburgh, PA, I found myself suffering from symptoms that started as night sweats, chills, and joint pain, and eventually led to Bell's palsy and memory loss. Soon after, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, contracted during a fly fishing expedition. I found myself bedridden and on medical leave, combating the lingering symptoms for months. During that time, I rediscovered my passion for sketching and illustrating. At the end of 2016, after recovering fully from months of symptoms, I decided to hang up my white coat and pursue a career as a freelance artist. 

In 2017, I started this shop and named it after my wife, Bonnie, who has provided unwavering support through the difficult times and throughout this new venture. I have been fortunate enough to have my design work and fine art reach people nationally and internationally. Some of the highlights include working with the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, the largest fishing tournament in the world, and designing for Straight Up Southern,  where my work found its way into Bass Pro Shops and many other major retailers.

Aside from my illustration work, my real passion is driven by creating the original artwork, focusing in pen, charcoal, pastel, and digital painting. All of this artwork can be found here in the shop. Each of these pieces reflects my experiences in the outdoors, and recreates my love of the natural world that helped spark the creation of The Bonnie Fly. I invite you to follow along as I continue to learn and develop as an artist on Instagram and Facebook (@thebonniefly).

Thanks for visiting! For more on my story, feel free to read the blog post entitled "Stethoscope to Sketchpad - My Journey to Becoming an Illustrator."

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